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Articles of Interest

  1. April 2014—Long-term performance and point-in-time risk "What's the Worst 10 Year Return From a 50/50 Stock/Bond Portfolio?" A Wealth of Common Sense blog post
  2. January 2014—Tactical strategies are market timing. "Forget Market Timing, and Stick to a Balanced Fund" New York Times
  3. March 2013—Diversified long-term performance vs. fancy alternatives. "Norway: The New Yale?" Wall Street Journal
  4. Winter 2013—Absolute return funds perform worse than hedge funds and other indictments. "Do Absolute-Return Mutual Funds Have Absolute Returns?" Journal of Investing
  5. October 2012—Hedge funds are dead. "University Endowments Face a Hard Landing" New York Times.
  6. August 2012—Many ETF portfolio managers make outrageous claims. "Claims Can Be Bigger Than Brains Behind Many Managed ETF Portfolios" Forbes.
  7. July 2012—A financial advisor explains why he prefers traditional over alternative investments. "Why I Won't Use Alternative Investments" Financial Advisor Magazine.