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Market Perspectives

2016-Q4—"Rollercoaster Rides"

2016-Q3—"A Fitful Calm"

2016-Q2—"After Boris"

2016-Q1—"A White Knuckle Ride"


2015-Q3—"China and the Fed"

2015-Q2—"A Greek Play"

2015-Q1—"Central Bank Dominance"

2014-Q4—"Oil, Currencies, and the Fed"

2014-Q3—"Nervous Investors, Choppy Markets"

2014-Q2—"Slow but Steady Growth"

2014-Q1—"On Cruise Control"

2013-Q4—"A Healing Economy"

2013-Q3—"The Economy, the Fed, and Politics" (recorded discussion of the commentary)

2013-Q2—"Fed Fears"

2013-Q1—"Teachings from Recovered Markets"

2012-Q4—"Politics vs. Economics"

2012-Q3—"Market Respite"

2012-Q2—"A Long Road Ahead"

2012-Q1—"Calm After the Storm"

2011-Q4—"Euro Fears"

2011-Q3—"Market Turmoil"

2011-Q2—"Treading Water"

2011-Q1—"Rear View Mirrors"

2010-Q4—"Strategic Redux"

2010-Q3—"The Stealth Economy"

2010-Q2—"Austerity or Growth?"

2010-Q1—"Inflection Points"

2009-Q4—"A Fragile Recovery"


2009-Q2—"The Old New Normal"

2009-Q1—"Navigating the Financial Crisis"

2008-Q4—"The Wages of Unrealistic Expectations"