October 2016—Dr. Michaud and Dr. Esch present "'The Fundamental Law' is No Law of Anything" at Boston QWAFAFEW.

April 2016—Richard Michaud will present "The Fundamental Law of Mismanagement" at the CFA UK and fi360's INSIGHTS 2016 conference.

March 2016—Robert Michaud presented on innovations in estimating asset class risk and return at the 2016 Investment Symposium of the Society of Actuaries.

March 2016—Fifth Annual Markowitz Award winners announced.

March 2015—Robert Michaud presented "The False Promise of Target Date Funds" at the fi360 Conference.

February 2015—Fourth Annual Markowitz Award winners announced by JOIM.

October 2014—Ten Year Anniversary of our ETF portfolios

February 2014—Press Release announces the 4th annual Markowitz Award winners.

January 2014—"The False Promise of Target Date Funds" by Dr. David Esch and Robert Michaud is published in the Journal of Indexes. [link to journal]

Fall 2013—Presentations on "Deconstructing Black-Litterman" (JOIM Q1 2013) at the autumn JOIM conference, CFA Houston, CFA Fort Worth, CFA Dallas, and QWAFAFEW Princeton.

August 2013—Robert Michaud presents at the First Allied National Conference.

August 2013—New Frontier offers a webinar on recent changes to our asset allocations and market events.

May 2013—Robert Michaud presents on the risks of low volatility investing at the Next Generation Endowment Summit, while Richard Michaud presents "Is Core Investing Still Relevant for Endowments and Foundations?" and provides the closing remarks.

April 2013—Robert Michaud presents at Index Universe's Inside Indexing Conference.

April 2013—Robert Michaud presents on the opportunities and risks of low volatility portfolios at the fi360 Conference.

April 2013—Dr. Michaud presents "Deconstructing Black-Litterman" at the CFA UK.

February 2013—Dr. Michaud and Dr. Esch present "Deconstructing Black-Litterman" at QWAFAFEW NYC.

February 2013—JOIM publishes "Deconstructing Black-Litterman" (published version available from JOIM, draft version available here)

February 2013—The third annual Markowitz Awards were announced.

December 2012—Robert Michaud participated in an AdvisorShares panel discussion, "Hear the Secrets of ETF Asset Allocation from the Experts".

November 2012—JOIM published "Portfolio Monitoring in Theory and Practice", which presents the first statistical rule for sufficiently nuanced for useful implementation.

November 2012—CFA Houston welcomed Dr. Richard Michaud as a panelist at their Investor Symposium.

October 2012—Dr. Richard Michaud spoke on "Portfolio Monitoring in Theory and Practice" at QWAFAFEW New York.

September 2012—Version 6.0 of the Asset Allocation System released. Version 6.0 includes the Michaud-Esch portfolio monitoring and rebalancing procedure as well as automation, Bloomberg compatibility, and graphical constraints analysis.

August 2012—Executive Summary of Deconstructing Black-Litterman

June 2012—Dr. Richard Michaud presented "Deconstructing Black-Litterman".

March 2012—JOIM announced the winners of the second annual Markowitz Award.

December 2011—World Gold Council issued a press release about New Frontier's research on gold's role in strategic asset allocations for European investors.

December 2011—Transcript of Dr. Richard Michaud's interview of Dr. Harry Markowitz at the spring JOIM conference is made available courtesy of JOIM.

November 2011—Version 5.8 of the Asset Allocation Suite is released.

September 2011—Dr. David Esch reviews three quantitative innovations that may improve a portfolio's expected performance.

May 2011—Version 5.7 of the Asset Allocation Suite is released.

May 2011—New Frontier is a manager on Genworth's new initiative, called Genworth Portfolio Solutions or GPS, that delivers diversified portfolios to clients regardless of account size.

February 2011—Dr. David Esch's "Non-Normality Facts and Fallacies" was picked by a panel of four Nobel Prize winners as one of the best papers in the Journal Of Investment Management in 2010.

January 2011—Dr. Richard Michaud and Robert Michaud were asked to join a distinguished panel at the Journal Of Investment Management conference.

December 2010—Version 5.6 of the Asset Allocation Suite released.

September 2010—New Frontier presents new research, "Dynamic Portfolio Monitoring", at the Journal Of Investment Management fall conference.

August 2010—Dr. David Esch of New Frontier challenges recent trends in the quantitative financial community to call for complex statistical models which explicitly model returns with non-normal probability distributions.  Non-Normality Facts and Fallacies at the Society of Quantitative Analysts New York this September

June 2010—"Target Date Fund Disclosure Plan Falls Short of the Mark, Say Critics" Investment News June 17, 2010

June 2010—Richard Michaud is quoted in "SEC proposes new disclosures for target-date funds" Investment News Net June 16 and "Why Critics Are Still Skeptical About Target-Date Funds" U. S. News and World Report June 16.

May 2010—Michaud Resampled Efficiency optimization is considered in "Watch Your Investment Tail" in Financial Advisor Magazine.

May 2010—Asset Allocation Suite version 5.5 released.

May 2010—New Frontier sponsors the new Markowitz Award at JOIM.

May 2010—New Frontier's Resampled Efficient Frontier is featured in the Instutitional Investor article "Evolutionary Road" by Nick Rockel about the development of Markowitz' theories.

May 2010—Investment News published "Target Date Funds are not a Panacea" by Richard Michaud and Robert Michaud.

April 2010—New Frontier is now on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

February 2010—Dr. David Esch's Non-Normality Facts and Fallacies was published in JOIM.