stone pillars


New Frontier designs indices that represent a unique combination of advanced technology with institutional investment experience, cutting-edge research, and patented processes. This combination produces cost-effective, highly risk-controlled investments. These benefits apply to almost any kind of index: fixed income, portfolios tracking cap-weighted indices to a certain error margin, etc.  New Frontier creates innovative indices that meet our clients’ specific needs whether they are looking for a benchmark, the basis of a fund, or an option for pure indexing.

New Frontier constructs and maintains all indices with our patented Michaud optimization and rebalancing technology. Michaud optimization, the only provably effective optimization process in the world today, improves likely risk-adjusted performance by treating investment information realistically, which results in more effectively diversified risk-controlled indices. Though New Frontier reviews the index allocations continuously, trading only occurs when there is a statistical need as identified by the patented Michaud rebalancing test, which prevents nuisance trades.

New Frontier’s approach to markets, optimization, and rebalancing all lead to top quality indices customized for your particular need.  Contact us for more information.