stone pillars

Core Strategic Model Portfolios

New Frontier asset allocation portfolios are well suited to function as core portfolios. The portfolios reflect our extensive research on the importance of effective diversification for optimal investment over time—all profiles are designed for both short-term and long-term optimality. Unlike various approaches to asset allocation that use only historical data, our portfolios are sensitive to the changing market environment without directional risk. Michaud optimization manages risk and ensures effective diversification. Our patented rebalancing technology enhances the effectiveness of trading decisions.   

We are one of the leading ETF portfolio managers in the world; we have a ten year track record as of October 2014. Our model portfolios are implemented exclusively with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to further enhance investor objectives such as transparency, low costs, and liquidity.

Our primary product is global strategic asset allocation model portfolios. We design six risk-targeted portfolios for optimal investment in risk-adjusted global economic growth and choose ETFs that span the sources of investable economic growth worldwide.

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