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Financial Planning Articles

  1. A Practical Framework For Portfolio Choice password required
    The distribution of the multiperiod geometric mean within a financial planning context can be the framework for choosing among a properly defined efficient portfolio set for many applications of interest in investment practice.
    Author: Richard O. Michaud
    Publication: Journal Of Investment Management. Second Quarter 2003
  2. Resampled Efficiency For Financial Planning and Return Forecasting password required
    An examination of the effect of forecast certainty level indicate that the enormous effort focused on input estimation by many managers and institutions without Resampled Efficient Optimization is misplaced and likely to be ineffective.
    Authors: Richard O. Michaud & Robert O. Michaud
    Publication: August 2003 Newsletter
  3. Time Option Rebalancing
    Portfolio rebalancing is one of the most important investment management activities.
    Author: Richard O. Michaud
    Publication: Acadian Asset Management white paper September 1990
  4. Risk Policy and Long-Term Investment
    This paper explores the relationship between the geometric mean and terminal wealth distribution.
    Author: Richard O. Michaud
    Publication: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. June 1981
  5. Optimal Multiperiod Mean-Variance Portfolio Growth Investment Policy
    This working paper examines the problem of defining an optimal multiperiod investment policy with respect to the mean-variance efficient frontier.
    Author: Richard Michaud
    Date: January 1986
  6. Risk and Compound Return
    This article clarifies the long term risk-return relationship for rational portfolio decision making and develops new tools for analyzing the consequences of a long term investment policy.
    Author: Richard O. Michaud.
    Publication: Seminar on the Analysis of Security Prices. May 13, 1976.
  7. Pension Fund Financial Planning
    This article analyzes pension plans in the mid-1970s, setting investment objectives and projecting pension liabilities and cash flow requirements.
    Author: Richard O. Michaud
    Publication: The Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance. May 5, 1976