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LifeCycle is a convenient, easy to use and understand, yet rigorous financial planning tool, based on New Frontier's extensive research in the theory and practical application of investment over time. LifeCycle provides a convenient framework for exploring the possible consequences of investing in a given portfolio. LifeCycle considers the investor's portfolio value, proposed investment program—specifically contributions and withdrawals, inflation, fees, and the time horizon to estimate the likelihood of achieving one or several wealth or annuity goals. It is realistic, analytic, and graphic.

LifeCycle allows an advisor and investor to quickly and interactively explore several what-if scenarios within available portfolio choices. LifeCycle provides an effective analytical framework for addressing retirement planning, college savings plans, estate planning, and best use of invested assets. In particular, LifeCycle helps to assess the most suitable level of risk for a given investor.

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LifeCycle is part of the Asset Allocation System. It can also be licensed separately by individuals or enterprise-wide, permitting all of your advisors to use it with clients.