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Interface Options

The Asset Allocation System can be used in a variety of computer formats, including: Microsoft Excel, web service, and an Applications Programming Interface. Whether you want to use the system for quarterly rebalancing of a small number of high value portfolios or for large scale portfolio alerts, the ideal interface between the Asset Allocation System and your business can be developed.

Microsoft Excel
Our most popular and easily accessible option binds New Frontier's technologies directly into Microsoft Excel. Excel is rich in mathematical and technical capabilities that are very familiar to many financial professionals. Users benefit from a fully functional and intuitive interface specifically designed for the application.
Both the inputs and the results are stored and displayed locally. The built-in charts, graphs and tables are customizable. The built-in reporting capabilities transfer these charts to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. For firms with a small number of users, New Frontier's Excel interface is the best means of quickly deploying New Frontier technology. New Frontier uses XML for data storage and transfer, in addition to employing COM Addin technology for data manipulation, structure, and upgrade compatibility.

Web Services
New Frontier can package our technology for use as a Web Service, a standard method for distributed computing. In this environment, New Frontier technology runs on a Web application server and is invoked via data sent as XML-based messages. The message format is the integration standard.
New Frontier's Web Services may be called from desktop, server-based and web-based applications. Because the Web Service has no particular knowledge of specific client applications and can support all of them simultaneously, the Web Service has extraordinary flexibility and scalability. The Web Service is most appropriate for customized distributed applications supporting a larger number of users.

Custom API
New Frontier first generates our technology as Windows DLLs or Linux/Unix shared libraries. New Frontier offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the following languages: C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, and Fortran. The New Frontier API may be most appropriate for legacy applications requiring new functionality.

New Frontier's technology is suitable for the most demanding custom or specialized applications as well as high-volume production applications. For more details, please contact us.