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Software Solutions

The Asset Allocation System guides investment committees to realistic, diverse portfolios with well-managed risk. The software package improves your estimates of risk and return with advanced statistics, uses Michaud optimization to compute the Michaud Resampled Efficient Frontier™, and provides guidance as to whether the investor should trade. The Asset Allocation System also includes the LifeCycle financial planning software.

The LifeCycle financial planning software is available for enterprise-wide applications, either paired with a simplified Optimizer or alone. All of your advisors will be able to explore targets, risk level, and cash flow with a client in order to find the appropriate portfolio on the efficient frontier for a specific client's situation.

The Equity Optimizer is the first institutional equity portfolio optimizer that addresses the statistical uncertainty of risk-return estimates during the optimization process. Starting from the portfolio manager's usual risk model and alpha forecasts, the Equity Optimizer employs both the Michaud Resampled Efficient Frontier and New Frontier's Rebalancing Test to deliver the optimal stock portfolio.

We also license our patents directly and provide software consulting.

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